Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Custom Stamped Design Jewelry

Pin It I've recently invested in some new design stamp tools, which I am very excited to use. Thanks to You Tube I've been able to watch some tutorial videos about hand stamping. I practiced a few weeks ago on some inexpensive cooper sheet. This is an example of the script that I will be using to create some of the custom initial pieces that I have been dreaming up!

These tools are easy to use. I have a stainless steel bench block and I just purchased a 2 lb. brass head mallet since I wasn't happy with the amount of pressure that the 1 lb. hammer was giving me. Hopefully with some more practice I will have some new pieces to add to the shop!

Stay tuned for some of the finished pieces. I should have them up in the next few weeks!


hello gorgeous said...

ooo, can't wait to see what you create ;o)

The script is gorgeous.....


hello gorgeous xxx

panofish said...

where did you get the letter stamps?