Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring is almost here and Etsy Photography tips!

Pin It I LOVE SPRING! It's refreshing, beginning to get warm, and new growth is sprouting up everywhere! I also love Spring because I am given the extra hour to photograph my jewelry in the natural light. The winter is tough for me. I work my day job, and rush home to photograph in the 20-30 minute span of natural sunlight that I have before the sun sets for the evening! Thankfully, daylight savings has set in, and there is plenty of sunlight to go around.

Typically, I find that cloudy days are best to photograph. There is enough light, and no glare from the sun. I like to set up right near a window. I place a couple sheets of scrapbook paper (usually a gray tone) on a steady surface, bring in a couple props like a photo frame and tea cup and I am all set. I place my camera of Macro Mode. This allows me to get close enough to show detail of the jewelry. However, because the Macro lens magnifies the items, it's important to show relative size reference so the customer gets a better idea of the true size of the item.

My Basic Photography Set Up

Etsy has some great photography tips. To read about how to achieve clarity and crispness in your photos, read this great article.

Photography is so important when selling items online. A customer doesn't have the ability to touch or try on your items. You have to create a feeling with your photos if you want your items to get noticed. Being featured on the front page of Etsy is always a wonderful surprise. Your photos must be perfect! Here are some great tips from Etsy about getting the items in your shop featured more frequently. Good Luck!

The finished Products

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~L said...

I love your agate jewelry- I featured one of your necklaces in my blog, Really beautiful things with great prices!